Below are some of the comments from past guests that have stayed with us. You can read them in the original diary book that is still at the yurt when you chronicle your own stay.

October 2015: Our 3 days here were just what we needed! Greeted by the final flashes of color on the surrounding slopes, it felt like a homecoming! Lovely yurt - had everything we needed. Thank you to Mark and others that help take care of this place. We definitely hope to return to this special spot. Cailin & Eric

September 2015: Wine by the campfire overlooking the incredible valley views is the perfect cure for any ailment. Thanks for sharing this wondrous place. Joe and Katherine

September 2015: The beauty hits you immediately. The immensity and silence take a bit longer to sink in. I've spent two days doing nothing but walking, sitting, eating and sleeping, but because of the special quality of this place those days have been well spent. Kim

August 2015: So grateful for this stay - thank you Mark! This place is so peaceful, functional, cozy and remote - couldn't ask for anything better. We found delicious edible mushrooms hiking in the area then, on our way down to town, found tons of wild raspberries and currants... what a yummy day! Leaving refreshed from hot sunny days and cool starry nights - only wishing we could stay longer. Chalie and Andrew

July 2015: We celebrated a birthday at PYR and what a perfect weekend! This is such an amazing location. The views couldn't get any better! We had some rainy weather but enjoyed the relaxing and reading in the yurt. Thanks for a memorable weekend! Justin & Nikki

June 2015: It was a challenge getting up here but worth it. Views are amazing, especially when we walked south of the yurt along the ridge to the point there. Wow! The quiet was so nice - a great way to get away from the weekend crowds. Thank you for a memorable experience! Christiana, Abigail & Jeanne

It is a pleasure to be here! What a beautiful deck to stretch out on and to see the sunset from the yurt.... Now it's snowing outside and adding to the ambiance of the fire inside. Must return this summer for a week of mtn biking, thanks for a fun and relaxing time! Rusty & Friends

Love at first sight! Have only been here an hour and are already planning a trip back with friends in the fall. We are here from Colorado Springs celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary - the last year it will be the two of us since our first baby is due Dec. 17th! What fantastic accommodations! Enjoyed our night sleeping under the dome of the yurt listening to the steady rain fall. What a place to relax! I woke up one night about 3:30am and the sky had cleared - the moon was lighting the whole area, it must have been nearly full. I could see stars through the dome of the yurt and lay awake for 30 minutes watching the moon go in and out of the clouds. It's been a great weekend, we love the yurt! Chris and Missy

The yurts are great; the new Phoenix yurt is wonderful. I really liked all of the solar lights and the whole setup. Thanks! Kathy and Donald

Nice place and fabulous location! Had a good visit over this MLK holiday. Broke trail to top of Campbell Mtn., looks like the La Garita circuit could be for next time. We had no trouble getting here, it’s beautiful! The yurt is so comfortable. Early Saturday morning we were all out on snowshoes looking at the beauty once again and finding various fresh animal tracks, we even saw evidence of moose! We enjoyed a late afternoon of relaxing and drinking wine! Jill, Stephen, Mike, Carolyn, Patti

Wow oh wow. Yes, yes, yes. It’s a spaceship and a gnome’s home. It’s magical… and a far cry from Chicago. The silence is thick and the air is full and I’m happy. Renee

This place is a piece of heaven. Awesome… this place, this time. I will always remember and hope to return. Every day is a gift. This day a more wonderful one. All the best, Drew