Our Story

Phoenix Ridge Yurts started out as a wilderness lodging establishment over a dozen years ago. For years our customers came to us and enjoyed one of the most unique wilderness experiences anywhere. Just read some of the comments from our guest book on the Testimonials tab and you will understand what we mean. This property, this place, is as unique as any wilderness setting we have seen anywhere. Check out our Videos and Photo Gallery pages to get a taste of this what we are talking about.

But as with many things in life, things change and for several years the business and the yurts were mothballed and left lying in wait to see what the future would hold.

The summer of 2012 revealed just what that future would be. The yurts were in serious need of maintenance and repair and my friend and business partner Jeff told me of his idea to re-cover the yurts in metal and paint them to look like antique buildings. I was skeptical at first, but when I saw a real-life sample of what he had in mind, I knew it was exactly what we needed. Jeff has a real knack for taking something basic and turning it into something really great. He has been caretaking the yurts for years while they were mothballed and we both agreed the time had come to get this project off of the ground and achieve a dream we’ve both had for years. So we spent a good portion of that summer remodeling the Phoenix yurt and turning it into a luxury wilderness experience you will never forget!

** Coming soon! We will be rebuilding another yurt that has not been used for several years to our inventory to accommodate larger groups that would like to have at least two units to share.